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COVID-19 Situation in the United States

COVID-19 infections in the United States is a rapidly developing situation. As of 3/18/2020, there are over 10,000 confirmed cases around the country. Infection with this virus results in flu like symptoms that progresses into severe respiratory illness. Expert analysis suggests that COVID-19 viral infection presents a significant risk to those with pre-existing conditions and those older than 65. Widespread infection can stress our health systems and cause uncertainty in the US economy as businesses are slowed down. We believe in the importance of staying informed on new information, learning about the appropriate response, and taking action to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19.

Please refer to the following sources of information for the most up-to-date news on COVID-19

Purpose of Fundraiser

The purpose of these funds is to support the screening efforts of hospital systems and governmental organizations through. Donated funds will:

  • provide financial aid to individuals affected by COVID-19 by addressing any direct or indirect cost of seeking appropriate medical attention.

High risk individuals should contact medical professionals ASAP without worrying about the associated medical bills. The president has signed an aid bill that covers the cost of testing, among other sectors that are being stressed during the outbreak. Importantly, medical treatment for COVID-19 is not covered by state or federal aid. Thus, the financial burdens passed on to patients is highly dependent on your hospital, state, insurance coverage, and screening outcomes. Therefore, there is a strong incentive not to seek medical care that could reduce the endemic spread with appropriate screening or the severity of illness.

Gallop poll demonstrating an increase in the population avoiding medical treatment due to fears of financial burden.

Sharing and contributing to these resources will help mitigate these issues. Efficient screening and treatment of the population will allow effective epidemiological tracking, quarantine of infectious individuals, reduce mortality rate, and alleviate uncertainly and panic in the general public.

Should I get tested for COVID-19?

(March 18) The CDC has provided guidelines for health professionals to screen for COVID-19. Testing is becoming more widely available and screening criteria have broadened over the past week. For a detailed guide on how to respond to signs of illness, please view the CDC action plans being updated daily:

under age 65 with mild flu symptoms: Do not go directly to the hospital or emergency room. Contact your local medical center about access to a quick testing center available in many states. Medical professionals will provide a management plan and quarantine recommendations.

older than 65 with mild flu symptoms: Do not hesitate to call your hospital system and explain your symptoms. They will advise a plan to admit you to the hospital if appropriate.

Anyone with severe flu symptoms (high fever >100.5, cough, difficulty breathing): Seek immediate medical attention at your local emergency room. Call ahead if possible to notify medical personnel of your arrival.

CDC guidelines if you have been ill with flu-like symptoms and engaging in home quarantine.

Applying for Aid

These funds are dedicated to promoting public health through encouraging seeking appropriate medical treatment. This fund will help pay for your medical bills if you have been infected with COVID-19. If you are uninsured, you may be charged significantly for medical services. Bills associated with your visit to your medical provider might include a deductible or co-payments that are not covered by your insurance provider. These bills are all eligible for financial aid.

If you have received screening and are positive for COVID-19, send an email to regarding your situation and we will provide further instruction regarding how to receive financial support.

The level of support for your case will depend on various factors:

  • Current fundraising status
  • State of residence
  • Number of applicants
  • Size of medical bill
  • Date of screening
  • Insurance status

If you are awarded aid, you will be required to create an account to request payment delivery. We will contact you regarding the expected date of payment and if there are any delays with delivery.


While larger organizations and governmental institutions are organizing and allocating resources, you can do your part to support others in your community that might be impacted by COVID-19. We can help curtail the the financial burden of our medical system as we collectively manage this pandemic and minimize its impact on our lives.

While you can donate to our organization directly, we recommend that you use COVID-19 page for donation and select “COVID19 Screening Fund” on donation. All donations 25.00 and more will be added to the list of sponsors!

If you want to get your organization involved in the campaign, please contact and we will be prompt to organize an arrangement.

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